Encircling Universe

Every year of childhood

The great adventure came

Suitcases to Tyldesley station

And begin

Train and boat and train and bus

Tom Comny’s vanguard car

The quiet lake the Big Turn

The homestead spied afar


In later days my knowledge

Expanded from the glen

I came to know the Mayo coast

Blacksod and Achill then

Heard tales of boats to Sligo

And to America

My father’s people went out there

Chicago Illinois


The whole world on its axis turns

Around your sense of place

The fixed spot of your heart’s desire

Encircling universe

The glen my mother’s place it is

That roots me to the earth

Its beautiful horizons

Full of heavenly worth


Tuiscean hill and Carraful

The river running by

Barnatra and Carrowmore

Even Carrowteigue I spy

That jut of mountain by the sea

That looks out to the west

This slowly turning universe

The place that I love best


To wake up in those mornings

Of childhood summer days

And follow the sun across the sky

To Achill’s dreamy haze

And in the evening by the fire

With cousins by your side

To sleep the sleep that angels keep

Down by Glencullen side


Brian Fahy

22 October 2021

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