Finding Poetry

A poem a day keeps the doctor away

The latest news I hear

A word of wisdom word of cheer

Word to inspire

Cast out fear

Words to help you find your way

To help you just get through today

Tell me your diagnosis true

I’ll find the verse that right for you


I never bothered much before

With poetry and verse

Lectures and essays and sermons

Homilies of course

Earnest lives their words outpour

Takes us some time to learn the score

The less you say you might say more

The longer so much worse


Rabbie Burns I knew of course

He knew the power of words and curse

And humour was at his command

To scatter humbug from the land

And mammy’s poetry remained

Ingrained in me as oft you see

But other poets I left alone

How can their trifling words atone

For all the ills this world allows

We have raised voices

Come to blows

Public discourse has seen better days

But Peter Kay I gladly praise

For he enacts the way we are

Like distorting mirrors  -That’s not me

O yes it is come and see


And now in these my later days

I lay aside prosaic ways

And turn to verse and simple rhyme

To talk to you and maybe chime

For poetry can capture things

Like feelings sentiments and bring

Poignant pause and nails on heads

And move the heart where heavy tread

Leaves only heaviness


One day I hope to write a line

To capture beauty there

And for a moment hold it fine

A butterfly in my hands sublime

And release it in the air


Brian Fahy

22 October 2021


+ William Sieghart calls himself the ‘poetry pharmacist’, at a Book Week Northern Ireland in Belfast. Poems can be medicinal and can really make us better.

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