Moon Shine

I saw the moon on television

Bright above Parliament Square

I looked out through my window

Only black night was there

But coming out this morning

And standing in my street

I saw the moon a bright balloon

In pale blue sky

And laughing all the while

At me


I can only say ‘October moon’

A calendar connection

But Indians in America

Had other names to ply

Connections to their everyday

The stars above in constant play

Companions in the sky


Moon of the red blooming lilies

July for Dakota Sioux

Beautiful name to remember

From a story of sadness to rue

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Heartbreak of American West


Simpler people live in tune

With the world that is our home

We have not woven the web of life

We are but one thread within it

Whatever we do to the web of the world

We do to ourselves who are in it

So Chief Seattle long ago

Wisdom for the ages

Learn from the moon

Stay in tune

Don’t be quick to turn the pages


Brian Fahy

22 October 2021

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