A Gentle Light

A shaft of light

That moves across an altar

And lands on the face of Christ

At the moment Nelson died

On the very day

At the very hour

The great man lost his life

The light returns

Christ Jesus light of life


How clever of the architect

Calculation sound

To build a church

With high wall from the ground

And catch the light of heaven

The burning sun

And lure its rays inside

And let them run


A tiny window

All you need for light

To penetrate the darkness found within

Bright beam no gloom can hide

It falls upon our pride

Scatters darkness

Scatters every sin


Yet that concentrated beam

Is far too strong

Would blind our eyes

If we looked e’er long

It’s the gentler light of day

That helps us live and pray

And evening shadows

Bring the evening song


Brian Fahy

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