Save The Earth

A whisper a rumour

And the market shelves are empty

Toilet rolls and flour disappear

We do not dig or plant our food

We collect it from the stand

Mention the word shortage

Panic stalks the land


My mother’s days in Erris

Her food was all around

Potatoes cabbage vegetables

In Glencullen ground

Water from the river

Never known to dry

Heat from turf for warmth

Cooking by and by


Tea and flour

They’d have to buy

Or maybe barter eggs

A slate was kept at Reilly’s in the town

The girls in England sent money home

When they were grown and gone

The slate wiped clean

Their widowed mother sound


We depend upon each other

We depend upon the ground

But we’ve lost sight of basic truths

Expect things to go round

Water food and heating

My mammy’s cottage knew

Three necessities of life

May all be well with you


Brian Fahy

22 October 2021

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