Our Michael

Our Michael great walker Bolton way

Out in God’s fresh air near every day

Wrapped up warm against the winter chill

Walks the miles not far from Winter Hill


Sends me photos of his daily trek

Jumbles Wayoh Entwistle by eck

We talk about the Wanderers how they’re doing

He’ll be home e’er long and something brewing


He was a teacher in a special school

For children whose beginnings often cruel

Firm and kind he helped them make new start

Inspiring words coming from his heart


There’s nothing more abandoned

Than a child betrayed

Hurt has ventured in

Where love alone had played


Good teachers are brilliant for kids

Stand beside them save them from the skids

Grown children then remember

How love in cold December

Saw them safely through to kinder days


Brian Fahy

21 October 2021

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