Judi’s dad a doctor

Had been a soldier

First World War

Military Cross and Bar

A damaged knee saved him from disaster

Missed the Somme

And Messines Ridge

Recovering afar


Later on

He came to live in Tyldesley

Two sons born there

Before they moved to York

So Judi when she came along

A Tyke

Irish descent and lately

Danish talk


She missed out

On the privilege of Tyldesley

Or ‘Bongs’ as we are wont to say

But Tyldesley remembered Doctor Dench

My mother told me that along the way


I remember Doctor Gray

When I was little

And another one

Whose name escapes me now

He took his own life

It was reported

He always seemed to me

Sad somehow


Doctors like teachers

Are a godsend

Devoted to people and their care

Taken too for granted

Expected to provide

We should be grateful

That they are always there


Brian Fahy

21 October 2021

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