Poet ~ Makar

We were not meant to flourish

We were meant to be the same

Like tins of Heinz beans upon a shelf

Uniformed in black in a regiment

Do not stand out or we’ll put you at the back


Self-denial taken to extremes

Your personal gifts are not for showing off

Deny yourself in every way

Suppress your very self

Wear that black on your knees

No wonder I lost track


I should have been at university

I should have been among my peers my own

I should have been getting to know the girls

But no we’ve got you – that you can disown


I never actually wanted to be a priest

Preacher was the call that summoned me

Speaker of a word that brings to life

Poet if you will – it seems to be


Leaving proved so hard – I couldn’t see

Ahead – what kind of man I’d be

Margaret and Michael in my life

But me…what now becomes of me?


As it turned out I stayed the very same

Kept on writing kept true to that aim

Every day I wrote though no one saw

I had to write – this my only draw


Then I found the way to go

Engagement mediation test the word

Engage with troubled souls and let them know

You can come through no need to use the sword


And now I have a website of my own

To write and try a decent word to say

Fire upon the earth the Lord’s true aim

Burning hearts never be the same


Brian Fahy

21 October 2021

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