What Is Whispered In The Dark


I used to sit in confessionals

For a living

It was my job to hear and absolve sin

At the beginning it was tedious and tiresome

Lists recited another out then in


But gradually I got better at the game

And people too felt more inclined to talk

And that was when confession was a godsend

A community of souls a treasured walk


To talk of trouble, wrongs and upset people

To hear a life unfolding in the dark

To hear of love and efforts to be faithful

Was privileged indeed and left its mark


Confess your sins confess to one another

That the clear advice as from the Lord

I hurt you and I’m sorry that I hurt you

Forgive me please I ask you speak the word


The area of sex gives so much trouble

We yearn for it we fear it and abuse

The victim of abuse is thrown in darkness

The perpetrator treated as refuse


Both need the help and the healing

Tell me now what happened now to you?

Our heart will come to life in such revealing

Have mercy Lord we make our pleas to you


Brian Fahy

16 October 2021

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