Walk On

It might be rather lovely

On the other side

The thoughts of Billy Connolly


Retired in the Florida Keys

With Mr Parkinson’s disease

A memoir written looking back

Through all that long Glaswegian track

He opines the view

The future might be kind


I, too, take this view

That heaven awaits beyond the door

That life is just too beautiful to end

And death and doom and dire disaster

That mock the idea of ever after

Are defeated by family faith and friend


The sun returning every morn

Reminds me of the child that’s born

And turns its face to greet the warming light

Enthusiastic for the day

Eager to go out and play

Life’s great adventure

And its great delight


So in old age we greet the sun

And though our length of days have run

We keep on going

This is no dead end

We look to those who have gone before

They wait for us beyond the door

Welcome home welcome home my friend


Brian Fahy

17 October 2021  

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