A Public Murder

Men will have you put to death

And think they do a noble work for God

The work of twisted minds and troubled souls


A seed of hatred in the heart

Fed and watered from the start

Grows to greatness then explodes outside


Anger at injustice seen

Justifies aggression’s dream

Gives permission go and do the deed


God will then approve of me

I cleaned the slate set justice free

Now a martyr I will do the time


My friend, now tell me what wrong I’ve done?

Point it out beneath the sun

If nothing then why strike me? why assault?


The crowd shouts out and calls for blood

Calmer counsels understood

This is how it’s done – crucify!


Father forgive, the victim cries

They do not know hear only lies

Violence the only truth they know


But faith renounces evil’s force

And stands before the world’s concourse

In Pilate’s words I say, ‘Behold the man’


Brian Fahy

16 October 2021


+ In memory of David Amess M.P., stabbed to death 15.10. 2021.

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