Josh Widdecombe

‘Who do you think you are?’

Has royal connections

Stretching distant far

Amazing how our forebears

Like tree roots spread abroad

Tell us their stories

Quiet and unheard


My own roots

Great grand parents that’s all

No further back

Nor record to recall

But what I have is story

Imagination can supply

How they lived

Until they came to die


Muinguinane in Erris

A Carey forebear there

And Doolough by the sea

Another Carey spare

Gaughan in Cloontiakilla

Great grandmother I am told

And Deane somewhere along the line

An Erris name and bold


And Slinaun out near Westport

Fahy Loftus ground

Great grandmother Mary Loftus

And Pat Fahy can be found

All her children went from her

Never seen again

Settled in Chicago

That’s a mother’s strain


Granddad came to England

Sister Mary too

One girl left at home

To see the old ones through

Kate she was Kate Nevin

Married in the land

I met her once long time ago

On that ancestral stand


And forebears out in Sligo

Trumble by the name

Was he a Cromwellian soldier

Given land when war’s the game?

A final strand in Monaghan

Tedavnet I believe

A great grandmother O’Hara

Red haired Mary grieve


For she died young in Tyldesley

Her children not yet reared

In cobbled streets she made her home

In a poverty all folk feared

Satanic mills and coalmines

And days spent on the dole

Far from Ireland’s pleasant green

I bless her long lost soul


Such are the folk I come from

I bless them one and all

The peasant folk of Erris

Westport’s lonely stall

The Sligo stem with English name

The girl from Monaghan

This is who I think I am

This my noble clan


Brian Fahy

13 October 2021

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