Lawyers, Scribes And Pharisees

My son is very kind to his dad

And comical when arguments we had

‘I’m right, you’re wrong, accept it,’ so he said

And that put the matter straight to bed


The Pharisees and lawyers long ago

Held power and sway never to let go

And Jesus thrashed them soundly for their stance

They barred the door to all who wished to dance


The key of knowledge the key of understanding

Is given to those of spirit undemanding

The humble we are told the earth inherit

The listening heart a grace we cannot merit


The Gospel now entrusted to us all

Is often a closed book beneath a pall

Let’s give ourselves to daily meditation

To bring this world alive to new creation


We do not know it all – time to admit it

We know enough to know how we should live

And let a humble life and all its limits

Rejoice in simple things and simply give


Brian Fahy

14 October 2021

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