Critical Assessment

The Lord does not indulge in moan and groan

Not his style not his way at all

Nor is he Mister Nice Guy all the time

Being bland comes before a fall


He’s quite prepared to tell you to your face

Will not insult you just point out a truth

We can confront without ever losing grace

Help others hear the honesty from our mouth


The Pharisees and lawyers of his day

Were unjust hypocritical and proud

The Lord named the things they wouldn’t say

Pointed out the truth before the crowd


Honest politicians are a blessing

An honest press when found is good to see

And honesty in self my sins confessing

A good place to start – would you agree?


Brian Fahy

13 October 2021


+ The Gospel today shows Jesus being critical of Pharisees and lawyers. A report on Covid is critical of the UK Government’s handling of the pandemic in its early stages. Healthy criticism is vital to public and personal life. Unhealthy criticism – moan and groan – depresses the atmosphere and saddens the human heart.

The ability to say, ‘I confess’ invigorates our life.

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