The Good, The Bad And The Lovely

Father whom I cannot see

Beyond my sight

Beyond my wildest dream

If you are father

Then I must be child

And something of your DNA

Must adhere in me


Love and kindness I can see

Tenderness and touch

Beauty in our very form

Yes for that I vouch

Patience and compassion

Virtues by the score

The human child is godlike

Love is at the core


But something very dangerous

A dark divisive thing

Has riven us in twain

Our song we cannot sing

Temptation all around us

We are selfish and we’re cruel

The godlike image broken

The saint becomes a fool


Where does the evil come from?

What turns us to the dark?

What makes some people beautiful?

On others Cain’s killer mark

Surely we are not born this way

A child is innocent

But we have that inner freedom

An independence stark


Without parental guidance

The training of the soul

Freedom becomes licentiousness

Damages our parole

Without the aid of discipline

We wander off the road

Our life becomes a car crash

Others pay the load


Mother father children

The precious bonds of life

These are bonds we must protect

Whatever this world’s strife

The people that we come from

We dearly long to know

And to take our place among them

God’s family you know


Brian Fahy

6 October 2021

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