The Great And The Good

Gordon was the heavyweight

The serious one the scholar

Tony was a welterweight

Who advanced to make top dollar


Gordon’s father the clergyman

Taught Gordon how to preach

Gordon in turn taught Tony

How to make a speech


Gordon knew his politics

Tony knew the people

Crunch time came for leadership

It was Tony on the steeple


Britain blossomed in their blaze

Meteor and comet

Young men in their heyday

Tories couldn’t stop it


Then came 9/11

America in pain

Rose up swearing vengeance

Stomping round again


Tony couldn’t see it

Thought he understood

Threw in his lot with Bush and Co

Opened up the flood


Since we lost the Empire

We’ve still been chasing power

Holding US shirt tails

Refusing to be lower


To hell with chasing ‘greatness’

Let it be understood

The greatest thing in all this world

Is simply to be good


Brian Fahy

5 October 2021

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