We worry and we fret

About so many things

It’s true we do

We are anxious all the time

What am I going to do today?

Is everyone all right?

What will happen if I get ill?

What if I lose my sight?


My father didn’t worry

When he came home from war

He didn’t let things get him down

He’d seen it all before

Although when illness took his health

And he was unemployed

Depression struck him for a time

And robbed him of his joy


And Jesus come to Martha’s house

Settles for a chat

But Martha anxious to cook a meal

Is having none of that

The Lord he gently scolds her

For letting cares abound

Come and sit beside me lass

Enjoy this holy ground


There’s only one thing matters

The Lord tells us today

Whatever else you plan to do

Find the time to pray

Find the time to sit quite still

Listen for the word

The Lord will quieten your anxious heart

He listens you are heard


Brian Fahy

5 October 2021

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