Home Ground

Shakerley was farmland

Till 1948

Then Wimpeys came and built on it

The Shakerley estate


And we were first in Rutland Road

House beside the crescent

And out the back just fields and farm

An open view so pleasant


And up the fields

The railway ran

Four tracks for fast and slow

We watched the steam trains up and down

Engines all aglow


And on a high ridge

Tyldesley town

Manhattan to my eyes

Long row of public buildings

Set against the skies


And in between the Common

Where bugles could be heard

Every Sunday morning

The Boys Brigade parade


While we were playing football

The Bottom Field our ground

And Rock and Roll was starting

The ‘50s ‘60s sound


We got a television

The first one in our road

And all the neighbours crowded in

The first day that it showed



And life was good ‘up Wimpeys’

With gardens front and back

The war was over thank the Lord

Now we’re back on track


I spent my childhood years up there

Fond memories remain

The foundation of my life began

On that Shakerley terrain


Brian Fahy

5 October 2021

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