Bare Feet In Erris

We passed the ass and cart

Along the road


In our hired car

The new world clashing with the old

The old one and the donkey

Not getting very far


But somehow

His seemed the better life

He felt the world

In ways we never do

The wind upon his face

Yes the rain came too

But he wasn’t out of place

The way we blow-ins knew


In old age now

I’m in that slower lane

Got rid of car

It was for me a pain

To walk the road

To hop upon a bus

Is all I want

Never any fuss


My Nan in Erris

Walked for miles and miles

Glencullen and Doolough

Her marathon

She never left the west

Her life she lived the best

The bare foot queen of Erris

My mum’s mum


Brian Fahy

4 October 2021

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