Climbing Up To Heaven

The smell of pipe tobacco

Lingering in the air

I climbed a wooden step

Up a wooden stair

Round again and up again

An aperture appeared

A doorway into heaven

A vision and I the seer


A square of green

A paradise

A surface all for play

Surrounded by adoring stands

And crowds to shout ‘hurray’

This was Bolton Wanderers

This is Burnden Park

My dad has brought me here

After working in the dark


There’s a railway on that farther side

There’s a band upon the pitch

Marching up and down they are

Some steps beside a ditch

Out come all the players

Soon they start the game

We won 4-1 that afternoon

Leicester City tame


Never forgot that afternoon

Never forgot those stairs

Whenever I smell pipe tobacco

I’m transported from my cares

Back to Bolton Wanderers

When I was a boy

When my dad took me to see the game

That always gives me joy


Brian Fahy

2 October 2021


+ Bolton Wanderers 4 Leicester City 1

9th October 1954

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