Written In Heaven

Your mother tells you

When you step outside

Be good she says

That will give me pride

Whatever else you do

Where e’er you go

Be good she says

All I want to know


Talent and achievement

Very fine

Running races

Crossing the finishing line

Coming top of class

Win the prizes

Best at everything

No surprises


All these things are good

If you can do them

But don’t get big-headed

Don’t abuse them

Being good is

The only thing that matters

All else is commentary

Idle chatter


Brian Fahy

2 October 2021


+ In primary school I came top at everything, in class and on the football field. One day a lad said to Mr Lavin, our teacher, ‘Aw, it’s not fair sir. Brian Fahy comes first in everything!’

My mother was very proud of me, of course, and always encouraged me, but being a good person was more important than any other achievement.

Today the Lord tells his disciples, don’t rejoice that the demons submit to your power. Rejoice, rather, that your names are written in heaven.

All my life, too, I have supported Bolton Wanderers, so I have had my share of suffering, like everybody else.

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