Broken Hearts

When Jesus met a divorcee

He did not tell her off

He sat beside her

Listened to her tale

She believed in marriage

Had tried it many times

The Lord he listened patiently

The failures and the crimes


And when she’d finished speaking

She felt such great relief

Her twisted tale unravelled

Her sorrow no more a thief

Now her life was back on track

Her truth had now been told

She went to share with others

A life that once was cold


Whatever be our story

Whenever we feel shame

Sit by Jacob’s well awhile

The Lord will do the same

Share with him your misery

Explain how hard you try

The Lord will bring you back to life

And tears of joy you’ll cry


Brian Fahy

2 October 2021


+ The Church was very firm in laying down the law on marriage, but was flummoxed when divorce began to make inroads in our society. It took us some time to learn how to be of help and support to those whose unions fail.


Jesus at Jacob’s Well was a lesson staring us in the face all the time.

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