Nearer Than The Door

God’s help is nearer than the door

In Ireland the door

Wasn’t far away at all

A few steps from the hearth

That was all


That cosy Irish cottage

With turf fire burning bright

And soda bread and boxty

My annual delight


A table in the middle

And cousins all around

The rosary at night time

Not another sound


The warmth of love

Within that house

My mother’s native place

Has stayed with me

My whole life long

A warm unending grace


The hearth gave warmth

It cooked the food

It flickered on our faces

We gathered round

That sacred place

The centre of all graces


And God was in that holy place

And peace and joy astor

Reminding me his help is near

Nearer than the door


Brian Fahy

30 September 2021

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