Witness To Truth

He was a voice

Crying in a wilderness

A nice young man

Ordained to be a priest

Ordained to speak

For goodness and for truth

The people came

Wise despite his youth


Crowds built up

In thousands

Just to hear him

Monthly mass

To set old Poland free

Authorities threaten to detain him

The die is cast

Either you or me


Broke down car

The priest stops his to help

Beaten to death

Tied up and thrown away

His grave a watery reservoir

Rescued for a tomb

Worthy of the priest

Who couldn’t stay


Death had done its worst

Now Poland’s free

Free at last from foreign tyranny

He was born in ‘47

Killed in ‘84

Oppression brought out the best in him

He knew what lay in store


Brian Fahy

1 October 2021


+ Jerzy Popieluszko (1947 -1984). Murdered by Polish Communist Security Forces on 19th October 1984. Buried by his church of St Stanislaus, Warsaw.

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