Resolute For Jerusalem

We all know what the end will be

We don’t know where or when

It doesn’t need to bother us

It can stay beyond our ken

If we knew it  – it would bother us

Occupy the mind

Better not to know these things

Not knowing is so kind


But Jesus knew that road ahead

Knew what they would do

Take him treat him cruelly

Do what Romans do

Yet he kept on going

Faced the angry crowd

Persevered in loving

Spoke his word out loud


If you knew how the end would be

It could bring you down

Wouldn’t get out of bed today

Face would be a frown

I think of men on D-Day

Sailing for that shore

Many died upon the beach

So much so much…no more


Was Jesus then so foolish?

Jerusalem to face

When all he’d find was misery

His end public disgrace

Or was he saying to us all

Walk on walk on and see

The end is not at Calvary

The Easter Mystery


Brian Fahy

28 September 2021

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