Don’t look so glum

Bad moods are like a cloud

They will pass

Wise words from an Irish granny

To young Steve

Teenage blues on Irish holiday

A lesson from the sky

For those who grieve


But sadly there are those

Who do not hear

The words of wisdom

Nothing comes to cheer

And receding deep inside

Silent tears they’ve cried

They cannot find the way

All is fear



Is rescue mission place

Today three dads

Are walking steady pace

To send the message clear

To all whom we hold dear

Reach out we all will help you

Find your grace


Brian Fahy

28 September 2021


+ Papyrus is an organisation that helps young people who feel tempted to suicide. Three fathers who lost their daughters are doing a walk for this cause.


+ The Steve in the poem is Steve Coogan who recalled the lesson he learnt about moods when on holiday in Ireland as a teenager.

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