Saturday evenings five o’clock

Hush now radio

Sports report and football results

Pools coupon x or o

Daddy at the table

Looking for eight draws

Evening fun and games

Put on pause


And raffle tickets strewn about the house

In his pockets

In top drawer and all

And betting slips a regular occupation

Grand National Day

We all got the chance to call


My Nanna and her sister liked a bet

But her brother was religious

From the war

Didn’t approve of gambling

Quick at his approach

The racing page removed from view



A chance to escape poverty

Win a bob or two

A chance to hope and dream

It might come true

My dad was never foolish

It was a science now with him

Course and distance

Weight and form

All was taken in


I had a bet when I was seven

Never Say Die the horse

Won the Derby

Piggott on his back

And a betting slip was found the day

My father said goodbye

Fervent Hope his selection

A lovely way to die


Brian Fahy

28 September 2021

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