Eh Up

Everyone goes to work

Runs a car

I just walk

Mind I don’t go far

Walk up to the Coop

Or bus straight into town

Life is simple now

Easy up and down


My occupation writing

Observations on a life

No tirades I hope not

Not really one for strife

Comments on the world I see

Insights if I can

Helpful stuff I’m after

About the human plan


Health is human riches

Body mind and heart

Everything else is commentary

How we play our part

Look out for one another

We cannot go alone

Stay in touch with those you love

Letter text or phone


Every day’s a good day

Takes us a while to learn

We feel defeated by our sorrows

To the wall we want to turn

But life refuses giving up

We really want to live

Hold on to that so what you do

You’ve got so much to give


Brian Fahy

27 September 2021



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