Tough Talking


Tough shield on a tortoise

Tough exterior on a gentle soul

Angela Rayner’s carapace

Tough talking ready for the verbals

If you’re batting be careful how she bowls


Never been loved or cared for

Growing up

Needy mother a very ‘shouty’ dad

Became the mother to her mother

Then mother to her own

On her own at 16

Kind of sad


But watch her in the Commons

Question Time

A working girl among the business class

The world of trickle down economy

Put to shame

By this northern working lass


She is fighting for the poor

Because she knows them

She is one of them

Never left the street

It’s herself she’s fighting for

The girl with nothing

We need to hear her voice

We need to meet


She showed her mettle

Standing at Dispatch Box

Wry smile – showed her humour too

After years of painful listening

To the posh boys

A northern lass is here

How do you do!


Brian Fahy

25 September 2021

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