Get Ahead

How do you catch a man who leaves no trace?

Burglar and rapist a disgrace

On the go for seventeen years

Leaving old folk full of fears

Leaving others with lives they cannot face


Always turning up after he’s gone

Light bulbs in the sink no light on

Gloves and mask to cover him

Trinkets left outside

Nothing else nothing else to go on


Got his DNA but what’s the use

Not on the system

Despite all his abuse

And human error took him off a file

And offending carried on a while


What got him in the end?

Old fashioned policing

‘Bobbys’ on the beat marking his ground

We’ve got to get ahead of him

Waiting till he comes

Define his patch

And watch him come around


Brian Fahy

24 September 2021


+ In the story of ‘The Night Stalker’, on ITV, we see how DNA is powerful, but human error in identifying a person for the database, is always a factor. Science is only as good as our ability to use it well.

The great thing was human intelligence. Studying the pattern of the offending, SIO Colin Sutton realised that he could use this to his advantage and ‘get ahead’ of the offender. Get officers in place and wait for man to turn up. Well done.


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