Another woman killed upon our streets

Object of a man’s aggression and his lust

The Taliban won’t let them out

They are covered from head to toe

We cannot see who they are

Too dangerous to know


Whereas in the West

We flaunt ourselves

We call it freedom’s way

Let everyone be free just as they wish

But that I say is not liberty

Simply licentiousness

Page Three what we’re after

And every girl a dish


Jesus calls our staring

Adultery of the heart

Using our eyes to strip our object bare

The weakness of the flesh we know

Each one of us a sinner

Respect for all especially women

Each one a real beginner


To walk at night at dark alone

Is walking into danger

The world we know is what it is

It is right to fear a stranger

Women feel unfairly treated

I do not disagree

But walking in the dark alone

Are we blind – can we not see?


Brian Fahy

25 September 2021

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