Meat And Potato Pie

My Nanna died when I was ten

I remember how she smiled

How she welcomed us within

Her meat and potato pie a sin

Her cosy home so warm I was beguiled


My father’s mother Maggie Trumble

Lovely Nanna warm and humble

A pastry cook she was beyond compare

My mammy praised her cooking skills

And that’s high praise no fuss no frills

Nanna down Astley a gran without a care


Or so it seemed to my young eyes

I did not know her early cries

Losing her own mum and just thirteen

And losing brothers in the war

And losing a son at seven

These sorrows she endured before my scene


I only knew her baking pies

Meat and potato apple pie

And filling me on Sunday afternoon

And then she’s ill I go and see her

I didn’t know how I would miss her

She died at 68 and all too soon


But the warm embrace the fireplace

The smile so freely shared

Have stayed with me through all my living days

Love so simple love so true

Like a blanket that will cover you

It warms your life it never goes away


I saw a pie on screen just now

Meat and potato too I vow

And sure enough I saw my Nanna smile

When I arrive at heaven’s door

It will be Sunday afternoon for sure

And Nanna says hello you’ve been a while


Brian Fahy

17 September 2021

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