Deep Divides

Have you heard of Beaufort’s Dyke?

It’s new to me

A deep ravine beneath the Irish Sea

A thousand feet and two miles wide

Thirty miles long a great divide

Between Galloway and the Northern Ireland coast


It is also a munitions dump

Millions of tons of military stuff

Chemical and radioactive mind

All the sorry stuff of war

Dumped down there where no one saw

A great divide a landfill in the sea


And Boris talks about a bridge

To cross this quiet unknown ridge

And talks of making greater unity

But the people on this side you know

Are waiting for Ulster to up and go

A united Ireland that would set us free


And the folks just north of Hadrian’s Wall

Are waiting on the day

When Scottish Independence is the style

And England left to Tory rule

Can sort itself it is no fool

And Beaufort’s Dyke can sleep on for a while


Brian Fahy

17 September 2021

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