A Kick In Time

Foul abuse was hurled at him

And so the Kung Fu kick

Nationality and his mother both abused

Eric Cantona in full flight

Answers back with all his might

Officialdom proclaims, ‘We’re not amused’


I must confess I find delight

In seeing Eric in full flight

Things beyond endurance we respond

Officials take the solemn view

They must be seen to do so too

Suspension and a fine was their demand


But now in hindsight plain to see

The bigger picture – society

The way we scream and shout and crucify

Abuse is normal don’t you see

Racism as common as cups of tea

And Eric was a ‘Froggy’ after all


Eric is an artist true

Strong-willed independent too

Self-expression vital to his game

The ‘hooligan’ and his foul-mouthed rant

Got what was coming for his cant

Once more into the breach – he’d do the same


We know it’s not the way to go

There has to be a better show

The Kung Fu kick will not put matters right

But in the context of that game

With other kickers in the frame

Watching Eric still gives me delight


Brian Fahy

17 September 2021   

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