A Long Day’s Journey Into Light

Nine years have passed

Since Margaret died

Nine years

19th September

I lived in grief for quite some time

More than I care to remember

I struggled to find a purpose

Or a meaning to go on

I wrote of how I missed her

A sad unending song

I lost my energy for life

Her death brought death to me

I lived alone

I ate alone

I wrote alone

Just me


Then a strange thing happened

I took ill quite bodily

Pulmonary embolism

Could have been the death of me

Doctors got me sorted

Tablets now for life

Then back to quiet living

But living without my wife


Then I plunged to darkness

Depression came along

Took me in charge and flattened me

What am I doing wrong?

Tablets from the doctor

Reluctant I at first

But grateful now

They settled me

When I could have burst

Then I found a counsellor

This a healing time

I am forever grateful

Out of darkness climb


Suddenly all is light again

The joys of life engage

Two grandsons gifted now to me

I am turning a new page

I find my reason to go on

To live as I should live

Write on my website every day

Things I want to give

Share with others what I’ve found

Wise or strange or funny

Just give the world the benefit

Not interested in money


And Margaret – well I think of her

But not in sadness now

I think of her that lovely girl

Alive in heaven now

I bless God that I met her

I know she is living still

In a world beyond my wildest dreams

We will meet again – we will


Brian Fahy

16 September 2021

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