No Man Is An Island

Salutary warnings

Racism alive and well

Five men condemned in Tiger Bay

Five men condemned to hell

And Stephen Lawrence

A TV show

Puts before our eyes

How easily we do it

How easily despise


Strangers on ‘our manor’

What they doing here!

Clear them off and get them out

Don’t let them nowhere near!


And now the migrant crisis

‘Flooding in’ on boats

‘Swarming’ in our country

Are you taking notes?

Here’s our latest tactic

Turn them round at sea

They mustn’t touch our sacred coast

That’s for you and me


Once they are on the water

We should save them from the sea

And working with Euro neighbours

Develop a strategy

We are not an island fortress

God help us if we are

We need to help these people

They have come so very far


Receive them and encamp them

Process them of course

Help them

As they seek to make a home


We are Celts and Anglo-Saxons

Normans Viking too

Jews escaping pogroms

Europeans through and through

We are immigrants from India

Asian Irish too

Come from the Caribbean

The famous Windrush crew


‘White Anglo Saxon Protestant’

Such a narrow field

Tory boys and tea and scones

This view will have to yield


Corruption and complacency

Threaten this fair land

There’s decent people living here

England’s a lovely land

But selfishness and narrow minds

And each one for himself

We’ll end up talking to ourselves

On this continental shelf


Brian Fahy

14 September 2021

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