Dreams Of Youth

Sitting snug on my settee

A documentary film I chose

The Everly Brothers Don and Phil

My youthful days expose

The yearnings of my teenage heart

That happy harmony

The dreams of girls but where to start

‘cause I’m in seminary


That whole caboodle closed to me

Strong message from the Church

Dream is all that I can do

It left me in the lurch

Everyone was dreaming

Bobby Darin and Orbison

Johnny Burnette you name them

Dreamin’ on and on


I felt a tinge of sorrow then

Remembering myself a boy

And the passion in my deepest self

That would never become my joy

But self-indulgence is no more

Self pity sell by date

I found my Margaret so I did

Although I found her late


And now residing by my self

My spirit is restored

Long gone the days of dreaming

Long gone too ‘I’m bored’

Don and Phil have left the stage

Their harmony now in heaven

They were the essence of my youth

A memory now at even


Brian Fahy

14 September 2021

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