Into The Blue


No ‘bad moon rising’

A brilliant blotch of white above a sea

And below

Furrowed fingers of a field

Earth brown traces

Ploughing for potatoes

A tree bent double

Fiercely forced to yield


My cousin’s painting

Memory he cherishes

Childhood days spent in a summer glen

We never saw the woes and wilds of winter

We visited a paradise back then


But our mammies knew the glen

In all its seasons

The sights and smells and sounds

Of yesteryear

Then off with them to Manchester

Families to found

But in their minds and hearts

Their home was here

Right here


Brian Fahy

15 September 2021


+ My cousin Hughie O’Donoghue, the painter, son of my mother’s beloved sister, Sheila, has a new and beautiful image in deep blue, entitled ‘Blue Moon – A Ploughed Field’. I came across it this morning and I love it. So I will work with words to try and express something of what Hughie has so wonderfully done in art.


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