Steady Drizzle

There’s a steady drizzle falling

A magpie on that roof

He doesn’t care for rain I’d say

He hops from hoof to hoof


And now he tries a clever trick

Clinging to the wall

Underneath the roof and eaves

Avoiding all rainfall


But clinging can’t last very long

On the roof again

But at least his feathers are waterproof

No brolly in the rain


I remember a lovely priest one time

His farewell words at Mass

Talking about the people’s view

Of the Reverend they pass


Some think he walks on water

But others yet again

Think the man hasn’t got the sense

To come in out of the rain


But most don’t mind whatever he is

They just let it pass

As long as he has the sense to know

Don’t keep us long at Mass


That magpie now has flown away

That priest is now retired

But I remember well the words he said

He was a man inspired


He was pleasant and good-humoured

A decent man to know

And wise just like the magpie

That I saw an hour ago


Brian Fahy

14 September 2021


+ The priest in this poem was Father Padraig O’Connor. He was saying goodbye to the people of Westport. I met him in the town one day for a few minutes. I have just discovered today that this lovely man died four years ago, in September 2017. Tributes to him confirm the impression that I gained from my brief encounter with him. I wish I could say it in Irish. God rest your soul, Padraig.


Brian Fahy.

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