Say But The Word

When you speak

It is your spirit you impart

Something of your self you give the world

Your breath your tongue gives out the sound

It’s tone and temper seeking ground

In which to plant the word you give the world


The centurion of Capernaum

Knew the power of words

He used them to command and was obeyed

Come here go there do this do that

His regimental rule he exercised

With confidence displayed


Say but the word he told the Lord

The word is all we need

My servant will be well

If you will say

Jesus was amazed at this

What faith is this he cries

You understand the power that in me lies


You have a power you little know

The power of words to heal

A power to hurt and harm as well

A power to make folk feel

A power of kindness careful thought

Carefully expressed

Sometimes in saying nothing at all

A power that says it best


Brian Fahy

13 September 2021




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