Honest To God

Two programmes I saw recently

About murder and the killer

One set in South Wales

In Tiger Bay

The other was in Sweden

Two murders linked as one

It took some time to find the man

Meticulous search was done


In Cardiff they were not so slow

But quick to call the tune

Despite a white man sighting

Black men would meet their doom

South Wales Police

Like lots of folk

Prejudiced and jaundiced view

Decided to get confessions

Not interested in what was true


In Sweden then by contrast

A slow psychologist

Gained the trust with every interview

The meetings there were civilised

No browbeating no shout

The woman knew the game plan

Knew what she’s about


Police they are not angels

They are like the rest of us

Good bad and indifferent

‘Don’t give a tinker’s cuss’

The work itself must scar them

Indeed can brutalise

But woe betide the copper

Who thinks he should despise


Woe betide the rest of us

If we lose a true respect

For people in their misery and pain

We need an honest police force

Honest judiciary

If we’re to have a justice worth the name


Brian Fahy

13 September 2021

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