Bursting Balloons


I am a child again

With grandchildren

I have to play their games

Filling balloons with water

So they can burst

And jumping on the bed of course

My bed their trampoline

And giving them chocolate buttons

That’s a must


They give me hugs and kisses

When they leave me

Wave to me and smile

And say goodbye

I tidy up when they are gone

Sit down then awhile

Who’d have thought

My days would end like this


We do not know

The future of our lives

What joys what sorrows

Down that road may lie

Losing Margaret shattered me for sure

Lost and ill and then the worst – depressed

But restoration came in counsel wise

And now these boys the delight of my old eyes


I remember when my son

Was but a boy

What will I be when I grow up

He asked

In my mind’s eye I saw

A country road

Stretching to a distance

Out of sight


And so I told him what I saw

And said

On our road so much we cannot see

It’s far away and blurred

A mystery

But what is near at hand

Is very plain

That we see and that we can command


So do the things of now

And walk the road

And things ahead in time

Will then appear


It is foolish to build castles in the air

Or like that farmer

Barns to store your grain

Live the joys and sorrows of today

And be like children

Remember how to play


Brian Fahy

13 September 2021

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