Out For My Walk


A spread of hills the Ochils my horizon

A thousand feet they rise up to the sky

At their feet are villages the Hillfoots

And beside them the River Forth flows by


To my left a strangely pointed tower

Cabinet for a Claymore so well kent

Climb to the top to view surroundings

City of Stirling from the Wallace Monument


A railway mainline cuts along the district

Inverness to London all the way

Branching off to Edinburgh and to Glasgow

And to Aberdeen Dundee the other way


Three trees of weeping willow

Meet my walking

Long slim branches falling to the floor

A bus goes by my local into Stirling

Very handy takes me door to door


And everywhere green grass and little houses

And quiet days and beautiful fresh air

So different from the cluttered streets of Tyldesley

Though Shakerley was good when I was there


This is my daily walk to keep me moving

Hardly the Great North Run but it will do

Gone are the days when I was running

It’s Keely’s turn – Hodgkinson has that shoe


I take a walking stick when I go walking

It cuts a dash invites some sympathy

I say hello to all I meet so talking

That daily contact healthy symmetry


And if I’m not at home when you come calling

Don’t worry I won’t be far away

I’ll be out in my estate just gently strolling

This place that I call home I’m glad to say


Brian Fahy

13 September 2021

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