We’ll Meet Again

Time I were dee-ing

My mother said

Talking to our Michael

She had parted with the last of her teeth

Such the human cycle

And age and weariness had come

Her energy departing

And sitting there in Westport town

It is hard to put your heart in


But heart she had in spades

We knew

Even with life ending

Cataract op and broken hip

Still she kept on mending

And taken from her home at last

In hospital bed to lie

She welcomed one and all

To her

Even the dog came by


She recited poems to the very end

The ones she’d learned in school

‘Dawn on the hills of Ireland’

A recitation cool

She mothered us from first to last

Was feisty to the end

She lived a life of love and work

With her there was no pretend


I don’t need the house to fall on me

A thing she’d often say

And famous quotes she’d send to me

When I was far away

We all have moods – another one –

The punch line coming next

But we don’t have to give them swimming lessons

Cheer up and don’t be vexed


She is still here in my life I sense

Like daddy Maggie too

I talk to them and ask them now

Tell me what you would do

I hear their voices clear and plain

Their love encouragement

Live well today and remember pray

Until we meet again


Brian Fahy

12 September 2021



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