Peter Said To Jesus


‘This must not happen to you’

So Peter said

Sword at hand he’d be ready for the fray

Cut off a servant’s ear

Fight to save his Lord

In Gethsemane

The night he was betrayed


Chamberlain and Hitler in their day

It could have gone

Another different way

Like Jesus in Gethsemane

Stand your ground and say

Who are you looking for?

Listen to what I say


Let him go and fight his war in Poland

There is nothing we can do to rein that in

Until his wrath consumes him

And Russia becomes his goal

And the snows of Moscow freeze his very soul


Timing is great power in a sport

Wait for your opponent

To advance

A forehand smash and down the line is past him

The point is yours

Now’s the time to dance


In Parliament

It isn’t just ‘yes’ and ‘no’

There’s a measure called ‘abstain’

I’ll let you know

No need to now commit

Let life go on a whit

Things can change quickly

Let the river flow


Doing nothing isn’t doing nothing

It’s patience and delay

And wait and see

Action men don’t like it

They like to be seen to do

Like going to war

And sending me and you


Don’t ever send a friend ‘a final note’

In doing so you tie your hands and feet

You’ve left yourself no exit

No place for common ground

A feeble ultimatum

There’ll be no second round


The Lord he faced his enemies

With calm

There are things beyond control

But no alarm

Be honest brave and true

The Lord will be with you

Your goodness will all evil

Soon disarm


Brian Fahy

12 September 2021


+ September 3rd 1939 and Neville Chamberlain’s ‘final note’ to Hitler has always struck me as the most pathetic way of declaring war. If you are going to fight, you should know you are going to win and win without much trouble. Jesus tells a story of how kings going to war estimate their chances, and if outnumbered, sue for peace. I think we should have kept our powder dry.


In personal life we ought to make peace with one another, not fight or endure ‘cold war’ relations.


My father, a soldier before and during the war, told me a story about his football playing days in 1948. He was playing for Astley and Tyldesley Collieries team. All during a game, every time he cleared the ball – he was a centre half – an opposing player would come in late on him and kick his ankles. Eventually my father had had enough, and the next time it happened, he turned and ‘lamped’ this fellow and knocked him flat.


Then he proceeded to walk off the pitch, knowing he had done wrong, and he said to the referee, ‘It’s all right ref, I am going off, but you did nothing about it, so I thought I would!’


Lessons there. Human beings can be tried beyond their endurance, and people in authority have a duty to use their power to keep order on the field.


Jesus ‘fought’ to save his life by every honest means, by facing his foes and by talking to them. They condemned him to death, a total miscarriage of justice…not a rare occurrence…as ‘A Killing in Tiger Bay’ TV programme shows.


Life is precious but death is not the end.


Brian Fahy

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