Body and Soul

Keep your body fit and well

Exercise and walk

Football tennis any sport

You have to walk the talk

Daily life needs energy

Make sure you get your sleep

And rest yourself for life’s demands

Or they will make you weep


And most of all look to your mind

Your heart your spirit deep

Keep those in trim look after them

Your whole self you must keep

Wise words I heard from Emma

And only eighteen years

‘It’s all mental at the end of the day’

And that’s what calms our fears


Be prepared to win or lose

Be prepared for strife

Be prepared within yourself

This will guide your life

Some things in life you can control

Others you cannot

Just play your game and do your best

Give it your best shot


All that running around the court

All those shot returns

Here and there and back and forth

Energy we burn

Our body responds to discipline

It will do what it is told

It’s the mind the heart the spirit

That proclaims that we are bold


Brian Fahy

11 September 2021


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