Only A Game

It’s a football match

That’s all it is

But it’s the final for the Sam!

It’s a tennis match

That’s all it is

But it’s the final a Grand Slam!


Such simple things

Such great import

So testing for the nerve

Will Mayo score and get the points?

Will Emma really serve?


Too much for my emotions

I cannot watch the game

I’ll take a peek at RTE

Who text report the same


As for Raducanu

I think I might watch that

She seems so strong yet so at ease

I’ll be here on my mat


And the other girl’s a good one

They should put on a show

So let’s be fair and watch them both

Whichever one comes through


Our emotions run away with us

I can be shredded on the floor

My sister Trish is just the same

She hides behind the door


So Mayo do us all a turn

Get the win this time

Seventy years and counting

It’s a mountain we must climb


Brian Fahy

11 September 2021

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