England Their England

England has a governing class

It’s always been that way

With the occasional aberration

When Labour had its day

The people knew who Churchill was

They told him ‘toodle-oo’

But good old Clem had the hardest job

And he got kicked out too


And back they came the Tory boys

Back to rule the roost

Churchill Eden and ‘Suez’

And then McMillan’s boast

And Douglas Home that landed gent

Then the change of guard

Harold and his pipe was in

Then Heath asked ‘who’s in charge?’

Then Wilson again and Callaghan

And then the wind of change

We got the blessed Margaret

The world she’d rearrange

And Major John the even one

Cricket and warm beer

He seemed a rather pleasant lad

But he shared a bath oh dear

And then the mighty Tony came

The modern man was here

Trying to shift old labour

Too eloquent I fear

Believing his own publicity

Sincere so I must be right

Couldn’t see the wood I fear

Only America’s might

A good lad in so many ways

I hate to knock him down

But 9/11 blinded him

Robin Cook was sound


Brown the Scot son of the manse

Powerhouse mind and heavy

Talent for so many things

But leadership wasn’t savvy


Meanwhile the Tories learned their game

We need a man like Tony

Our own wee Blair in Cameron

Presentable talk (and phoney?)

What does he do the crazy man

He lets those silly Tories

Call a vote and rig the vote

And say goodbye to Europe


Then Teresa comes the vicar’s child

And talks of equal Britain

But ‘doesn’t quite manage’ to do the trick

Backbenchers now can hit on

Up comes Boris bumbling

Shaggy hair and stutter

Get it done oh get it done

I’ll huff and puff and mutter


I think we are living in no man’s land

We don’t know who we are

The media shouting this and that

Covid and social care

The governing class are governing

That is what they do

But don’t expect the world to change

That’s down to me and you


Brian Fahy

11 September 2021


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