September 11

Friends of mine, the Murphys

Were in New York that time

The day before had seen them in that tower

September 10 they stood aloft

Atop the World Trade Centre

And viewed the world around them

From the height


How close to that catastrophe

But they came home to live

And spend their days in Hampshire

Living still

Three thousand lost their lives that time

How many thousands more

When the powers that be

Set their sights on war


I was driving home through Belfast

Heading for the boat

Road cones orange made a narrow pass

Hurtling down behind me an articulated truck

Coming fast I feared there’d be a crash


Traffic lights turned to amber

I braked to make the stop

Fearing what might happen to us all

Looking in the rear view mirror

Nothing I could do

The truck veered right

And roared on by

I tell the tale to you


That moment of pure helplessness

I felt a total calm

Nothing I can do to help myself

I waited for the impact

This is the end I thought

A perfect stillness

Then the truck roared by


The agony of Jesus

Nailed up on a cross

Is advertised for all the world to see

Latin Greek and Hebrew

Proclaim an erstwhile king

We do not know the things we do

Look on the crucified anew

And yield yourself to God

Each day you live


Brian Fahy

11 September 2021

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