Match Point

An upset tum kept me awake

Kept me from my sleep

So I turned it to advantage

At my Samsung phone I peep

And over in America

A tennis match in play

Emma Raducanu

I hope things go her way


That Greek girl looks a hefty foe

Big and strong and blazing

But Emma’s got this far I know

A journey quite amazing

Will she win it will she buckle

Will she fade away?

No such luck you silly man

This is Emma’s day


She looks so young she is so young

This up and coming Brit

But she’s made of tough material

Emma has true grit

She is tall intelligent and calm

Don’t let that smile fool you

She’ll pick your pocket knock you out

Every stroke will rule you


The physical appearance

Is gentle pretty too

But the mental preparation

Pay attention to

Focus determination

Positive attitude

Sweet September’s tennis star

Brilliant interlude


I see Pam Ayres is on the telly

Giving out her rhymes

All about the Cotswolds

And her happy times

Well good luck to you Pam my girl

I like the way you talk

And my money’s on Raducanu

She’s a girl who walks the talk


Brian Fahy

10 September 2021

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